Success in the Turkey Woods, the Loss of a Companion, and Ask NDA Anything

April 20, 2022 By: NDA Staff

Great joy and indescribable sorrow. You get a little bit of both in this emotional episode of the Coffee and Deer podcast. Nick and the doctor start the show by talking a little turkey as they recap Nick’s recent hunts in Delaware where he was able to call in a gobbler for governor John Carney on opening morning, and then one for himself the next day out. The guys talk through each hunt and offer tips from their many years of experience.

In answering this episode’s Ask NDA Anything question, they give their opinions on why a listener seems to find more shed antlers while turkey hunting than he does when specifically targeting sheds.

The show closes with Nick sharing the story of having to say goodbye to his best friend, his 14 year-old red ticked hound, Arrow. If you’ve ever found yourself in this position, you’ll understand the deep feelings and emotions that come through. Arrow lived a full life that spanned three states, and she learned to blood trail deer, retrieve ducks, and much more during that time, all while being the best companion a family could hope for.

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