Look Inside Acorns to Find Deer Hunting Success

Oct 11, 2023 Cole Gander

Focusing on the best food source is an important part of every deer-hunting strategy. This time of the year, acorns are often key for most whitetail hunters. Follow along as I run through the science…

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A Secret Weapon for Post-Rut Bucks: Red Oaks

Dec 1, 2021 Moriah Boggess

It was mid-December 2020 in southern Indiana, and my deer season was slipping through my fingers. After two hard months of hunting and over a hundred miles put on my boots, my buck tag was…

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Using Oak Ecology to Kill Mature Bucks Throughout the Season With Deer Biologist Moriah Boggess

Nov 3, 2021 NDA Staff

In this episode of the Deer Season 365 Podcast, we’re talking with deer biologist Moriah Boggess about how he consistently has success killing mature bucks on public land by focusing his efforts on acorns. We…

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Turn Oak Ecology Into Backstraps

Sep 9, 2020 Moriah Boggess

Identifying a white oak raining acorns in early bow season is a straightforward approach to putting backstraps on the grill, but this only works a couple short weeks of the year. Learn to play the…

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Survey Acorns Now to Improve Production

Aug 22, 2017 Matt Ross

Acorn Scouting TipsNow is a great time to scout the acorn crop. What you find can help identify stand sites for this fall and also predict winter food supplies. Here are a few helpful tips…

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7 Steps to Stronger Acorn Production

Jul 28, 2014 Matt Ross

The key to improving acorn production in oaks begins with identifying the best acorn-producing trees where you hunt, and I shared an acorn survey technique for doing so in the first part of this two-part…

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