How to Rehab Old Apple Trees for Deer Attraction

Jan 7, 2020 Tim Russell

Apple trees can provide an ample supply of quality food to whitetails and often retain fruit late into the season, continuing to drop apples into the winter. While establishing new food sources on your property…

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Hunt & Gather: Apple Venison Roast

Dec 11, 2019 Bruce and Elaine Ingram

My wife Elaine and I enjoy venison year-round, and we also enjoy gathering and eating fruits and other foods that result from habitat improvements on our land. We’ve planted apple trees for deer nutrition, but…

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Crabapples for Deer: How to Pick a Winner

Jan 22, 2015 David Osborn

When I was asked to contribute an article to Quality Whitetails magazine about selecting crabapple varieties for use in deer orchards, I readily accepted the challenge. However, it didn’t take long to realize I’d opened a…

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Hunt and Gather: Fix-Ahead Venison Cube Steak and Grimes Golden Applesauce

Jan 14, 2015 Bruce and Elaine Ingram

It was the weekend before the first Saturday of October, the traditional opening of Virginia’s archery season, and a friend and I had been searching my Potts Mountain land in Craig County for a stand site….

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