What to Feed Deer in Winter, and What NOT to Feed

Mar 24, 2022 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

The 30 most critical days for winter deer survival have a name, and it is March. Research at the University of New Hampshire showed that a healthy deer begins winter with a 90-day fat supply….

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Put Green Leaves at Deer Level

Aug 22, 2012 Kip Adams

Everyone knows the leaves of most deciduous trees are green during summer. Most also know that leaves grow on a tree’s branches originating in spring and falling off in the fall. However, how valuable are…

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Create Living Thicket Cover by Hinge-Cutting

Mar 21, 2012 Jeff Jackson

Timber stand improvement (TSI) involves removing unwanted trees that are competing with desirable trees. What is the best thing to do with the unwanted trees? Cutting them off at the ground line is a standard…

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Know Your Native Deer Foods

Mar 9, 2012 Kip Adams

Food studies have identified several hundred plant species that deer will consume during the course of a year.  Some are used seasonally, some only when little else is available, and some are preferred regardless of…

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