buck age structure

Do Deer Hunters Really Need to Be Concerned About Cowhorn Spikes?

Oct 18, 2023 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

When we tell deer hunters that “culling” spike-antlered yearling bucks to improve antler quality is a management mistake, a host of online experts are sure to correct us and remind us of their exception to…

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How We Can End Buck-Shaming

Jul 22, 2020 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

The 2019 hunting season was a good one at Grace Acres, my family’s farm in Southeast Georgia where we have practiced Quality Deer Management (QDM) for many years. My brother-in-law Zack Clemons killed his first…

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Find Your Buck Harvest Sweet Spot

May 29, 2018 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Prescribed fire brings a bonus to hunters in the South, where dense forest cover dominates most landscapes: Fire helps us find sheds. Most sheds in my personal collection are blackened by fire, and it was…

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Take QDM One Step at a Time

Sep 18, 2015 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Loading 250 pounds of free weights on a bar is not how you should start a weight-training program. Signing up for a 5K is not how you should prepare yourself to become a jogger. And…

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