buck:doe ratio

Bucks Are More Visible When Deer Hunters Harvest Does

Nov 9, 2022 Ben Westfall

“If you shoot a bunch of does, you won’t see any bucks!” I have heard this phrase and its variations time and time again over my years as a deer hunter, land manager and biologist….

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How Many Does Should You Harvest? Ask Yourself These 24 Questions.

Sep 19, 2017 Matt Ross

Follow Matt on Instagram. Not everyone managing a hunting property needs to take does. But everyone should ask themselves each year whether or not they need to. There are a number of factors to consider,…

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The Reality of Doe:Buck Ratios

Apr 23, 2013 Kip Adams

Deer sex ratios are a common topic of conversation among whitetail hunters. Other than deer density, few subjects ignite controversy as quickly as a discussion of the number of does per buck in any given…

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The Rewards of Restraint

Sep 13, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Look carefully at the trail-camera photo above, taken by QDMA member and private lands biologist Joe Lacefield of Kentucky. I love this photo because it captures part of the spirit of Quality Deer Management in a…

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