cereal grains

Winter Rye Food Plots Can Be a Lifesaver for Northern Deer

Jun 12, 2024 Ryan Rothstein

“Here comes another one,” my dad whispered. “That’s got to be over a dozen already, they’re coming out like ants!”  We were tucked in a box blind overlooking a food plot, hoping that a gobbler…

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Food Plot Species Profile: Oats

Jul 15, 2020 Ryan Basinger

It’s no secret that cereal grains – wheat, oats, cereal rye, triticale – are popular choices for planting in food plots managed for whitetails. Cereal grains are highly attractive to deer, and they perform well…

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Cereal Rye for Deer

Aug 15, 2017 Ryan Basinger

If there was ever a tough-man competition for deer forages, cereal rye would likely make the title bout. Cereal rye (rye hereafter) is a durable forage that can overcome adversity on many levels, such as…

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Deer Prefer to Eat Awnless Wheat in Food Plots

Jul 16, 2015 Craig Harper

Winter wheat is an excellent cool-season forage for white-tailed deer. Healthy, green, growing wheat contains more than 20 percent crude protein, and with less than 25 percent acid detergent fiber it is highly digestible. Forage yield is…

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Ryegrass: Going Against the Grain

Mar 29, 2012 Bob Westerfield

I might get shot just for mentioning the use of annual ryegrass as a potential food plot crop, but the truth is I have killed too many whitetails over this stuff to completely ignore it….

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