Coffee & Deer

Getting Involved with an NDA Branch with the Grassroots Team

Apr 17, 2024 NDA Staff

Are you a serious conservationist, deer hunter, or habitat manager and want to get more involved with the National Deer Association? If so, this is a can’t miss episode as Nick and The Doctor are…

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The Evolution of CWD Sampling Technology With Scientists From the Pennsylvania Wildlife Futures Program

Apr 3, 2024 NDA Staff

Admittedly, it’s not a lot of fun to talk about chronic wasting disease (CWD) and its negative impact on deer populations, hunting, and overall wildlife conservation. That doesn’t mean there are no bright spots, however,…

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No-Till Drills and Crimpers for Food Plotting With Paul Hollis of PH Outdoors

Mar 20, 2024 NDA Staff

There are many effective ways to plant a food plot but two particular approaches, no-till planting and crimping, continue to gain popularity. In this episode, Paul Hollis, owner of PH Outdoors, joined Nick and The…

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Managing Deer and Helping Young People With Former New England Patriot Matt Light

Mar 6, 2024 NDA Staff

Matt Light played in the NFL for 11 years for the New England Patriots and while there won three Super Bowls, nine division championships, and five conference championships. He played left tackle and protected Tom…

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Fighting the Anti-Hunters with Brian Lynn of Sportsmen’s Alliance

Feb 21, 2024 NDA Staff

The attacks by anti-hunters and animal welfare groups against sportsmen are constant. While groups like the National Deer Association (NDA) and our many conservation partners are working daily to implement conservation measures and policies that…

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A Day in the Life of a Wildlife Health Technician With Ian Gereg of Penn Vet

Feb 7, 2024 NDA Staff

Did you know there are wildlife health professionals scattered across the country working day and night to keep animals and people safe from wildlife-borne diseases? These good people are truly working on the front lines…

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Aging Your Deer Under a Microscope With Heather Stevens of

Jan 24, 2024 Brian Grossman

While assessing tooth replacement and tooth wear can be an effective way to age deer to a certain age, or at least get you close, there’s no more accurate way than having a tooth analyzed…

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The Story of Jason Thomas’s Potential Record Breaking Ohio Buck

Jan 10, 2024 NDA Staff

It wasn’t long after Ohio hunter Jason Thomas walked up on his buck of a lifetime that word started getting out that a potential new Ohio typical record may have fallen. A few weeks later…

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Filling Your Deer Tags in the Winter Season with Mark Kenyon

Dec 20, 2023 NDA Staff

The winter deer season is here! After weeks of being pursued by hunters, starting with archery equipment and eventually firearms, deer are more cautious than ever, making it even more challenging to get into shooting range….

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Life as an Outdoors Industry Cameraman and Content Creator With Dylan Lenz

Dec 6, 2023 NDA Staff

Many people watch outdoors television and dream about working in the content creation side of the industry. It’s a question we’re asked about often, so we invited videographer and photographer Dylan Lenz to the podcast…

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