Action Alert: Oppose Political Wildlife Management in Vermont

Jan 30, 2024 Torin Miller

Vermont Senate Bill 258 (S.258) would transfer the authority to adopt rules for the taking of fish, wildlife, and fur-bearing animals in Vermont from the Fish and Wildlife Board to the Department of Fish and…

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Shut Your Venison Hole, You’re Spooking Deer

Feb 23, 2022 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

As hunters, we think and talk and worry a lot about deer predators, but new evidence suggests the predators deer fear most are – us.  They should. In the 2020 season, human hunters killed 6.3…

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How Much Venison Are Coyotes Eating?

Feb 5, 2020 Dr. Mike Chamberlain and Dr. Joey Hinton

Many deer hunters must now consider potential impacts of coyote predation on local deer herds. Historically confined to the western United States, coyotes have expanded throughout the eastern states and are now common across most…

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Born With One Hoof in the Grave? Fawns Die Even Without Predators

Apr 24, 2019 Justin Dion, Jacob Haus, Joe Rogerson and Jacob Bowman

Predators are one of the most widely discussed topics of deer hunting in the past few years, particularly in regards to population management and fawn survival. If you were to ask any hunter what factor…

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Who Controls Your Fawn Supply?

Apr 13, 2015 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

In the classic Clint Eastwood movie Pale Rider, prospectors fall on hard times when an evil industrialist chokes the flow of creekwater that allows them to pan for gold. Luckily, the “Preacher” is handy with…

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3 Ways to Track Fawn Recruitment

Jun 25, 2013 Dr. Will Gulsby and Dr. Karl V. Miller

Over the last decade, predators, especially coyotes, have greatly altered deer population dynamics in many parts of the country by reducing fawn recruitment (the number of fawns per doe that survive to 6 months of…

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Top 5 Rookie Trapping Mistakes

Apr 18, 2012 Todd Menke

Scientific research confirms that effective trapping prior to the annual fawn-drop can, in some instances, improve fawn survival rates depressed by predators. For deer hunters in many areas, trapping has become a vital addition to…

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