How to Break Down the Big Woods and Find Deer

Jul 5, 2023 Torin Miller

“Big Woods” means different things to different hunters. In the densely populated eastern United States, a “big woods” tract could be a couple hundred acres. In rural Appalachia and the northeastern U.S., big woods could…

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Scouting Large Blocks of Land Fast and Effectively

Sep 23, 2020 Brian Grossman

For me, one of the primary draws to public-land hunting is the freedom it provides to roam large tracts of land at a minimal cost. If one area doesn’t produce, I have seemingly unlimited opportunities…

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The Case For and Against Summer Deer Scouting

Jun 17, 2020 Brian Grossman

For many, summer weekends are spent on family barbecues, swimming, fishing and trips to the mountains or the beach. But for some, summer officially kicks off the countdown to deer season. While whitetail does are…

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