deer biology

Listen to These 5 Facts About Deer Hearing

Oct 4, 2023 Ben Westfall

As prey animals, deer have many amazing defense mechanisms for detecting and avoiding predators like us, and one of them is their hearing. We scoured the research from a variety of sources to learn all…

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Where Do Deer Sleep?

Jan 18, 2022 Kip Adams

Where do deer sleep? The quick answer is, “anywhere they want.” Deer sleep anywhere they bed and may do so singly or in groups. However, during daylight it’s far more common for deer to sleep…

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Deer Can See You Even When They’re Eating

Aug 25, 2015 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Here’s a fun and cool experiment in deer biology: the next time you sit down to a meal, first look around for any potential threats, like predators or fire or your loudmouthed Uncle Floyd who…

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Know the Signs of HD: Hemorrhagic Disease

Jul 2, 2012 Kip Adams

During the summer of 2011, regional outbreaks of hemorrhagic disease (HD) in white-tailed deer stole the headlines throughout portions of the Unites States. This – occurring just four years after the HD epidemic in 2007,…

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