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Which Deer Visit Feeders and When? New Research is Out

Sep 11, 2019 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

When Georgia first legalized hunting deer over bait in the southern half of the state in 2011, my dad felt compelled to install corn feeders on our family farm simply to compete with the expected…

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3 Studies, 3 Strikes for the October Lull

Oct 18, 2016 NDA Staff

Do whitetails really go into a movement slump in the pre-rut? If not, what’s behind the “October Lull” phenomenon that many hunters say they witness? NDA’s Kip Adams tackled these questions in a recent article…

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Chasing An Explanation for the South’s Odd Rut

Jan 19, 2016 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

No matter what month of the year you read this article, if you put your finger down on a rut map of the Deep South, it’s likely you’ll touch a place where there’s a whitetail…

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10 Tips for Rattling More Bucks

Nov 1, 2015 Matt Ross

It’s November, and over the next few weeks millions of deer hunters will be hitting the woods in hopes of taking home a giant. Many will attempt rattling but will fail to see any response…

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How Fast Can a Stand “Recover” From Hunting Pressure?

Dec 16, 2014 Clint McCoy

It’s simple: Deer respond negatively to hunting pressure. Their avoidance of heavily hunted areas is undeniable, as my graduate-level research at Auburn University documented. But exactly how long does it take for a specific stand…

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GPS Reveals Early Season Buck Movement Patterns

Aug 25, 2014 Clint McCoy

You hear it all the time: A hunter gets a bunch of trail-camera photos of a buck early in the season and then, poof, the deer pulls a Houdini and disappears for the rest of…

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Is the “Lockdown Phase” a Myth?

Oct 30, 2013 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Some hunters believe they witness an “October Lull” or a peak-rut “Lockdown Phase,” when mature bucks suddenly stop moving or hole-up with an estrus doe. Researcher Andy Olson did not see evidence of either in…

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10 Things We Know About Mature Buck Movements

Aug 27, 2013 Matt Ross

Technology is amazing, isn’t it? As I type this article on my laptop, on a plane 20,000-plus feet up, heading to yet another NDA event, I have access to the Internet! When we land and…

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Where Has That Darn Buck Gone?

Feb 19, 2013 Jim Stickles

As part of a research project funded by the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration, Jim Stickles, a graduate student at the University of Georgia Deer Lab, and undergraduates Swanny Evans and…

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