Deer Steward

The Block System of Deer Management at Virginia’s Fraley Family Farm

May 1, 2024 Bruce Ingram

On August 9-12, the next NDA Deer Steward 2 course will be held, this time at the Fraley family farm and at the Preserve at Crooked Run in Botetourt County, Virginia. The approximately 10,000-acre contiguous…

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Take Your Deer Knowledge to the Next Level With NDA’s Deer Steward Courses

Jun 28, 2023 NDA Staff

Would you love to take your deer and habitat management knowledge to the next level? On this week’s Deer Season 365 podcast episode, we’re talking with NDA’s Conservation Coordinator, Ben Westfall, about the various online…

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Two More Hunters Reach Deer Steward Level 3, NDA’s Highest Achievement

Apr 19, 2023 NDA Staff

Brian Ruesch of Wisconsin (pictured above) and Erik Schnelle of Michigan recently achieved Deer Steward Level 3 recognition, the most prestigious accreditation in NDA’s Deer Steward program. While Level 1 and 2 are courses that…

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NDA Reports 282 New Deer Stewards and 2.3 Million Acres Impacted in 2022

Sep 14, 2022 NDA Staff

The NDA tallied another successful and exciting year for their Deer Steward program with a powerful lineup of courses.  “This program has proven to have such a large impact across the country and it’s really exciting…

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