deer vision

7 Facts About Deer Vision Hunters Should See

Oct 26, 2022 NDA Staff

As prey animals, deer are well equipped to detect and avoid predators, and one of their primary tools of defense is their vision. Deer hunters can be more successful when they understand the strengths and…

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No, Deer Aren’t Color Blind: Understanding Deer Senses with Dr. Gino D’Angelo

Mar 2, 2022 NDA Staff

In this episode of the Deer Season 365 Podcast, we are talking with Dr. Gino D’Angelo of the University of Georgia about the three key senses of a deer that keep it alive — sight,…

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9 Ways to Conceal Movement While Hunting

Oct 31, 2017 Matt Ross

New research out of the University of Georgia Deer Lab is providing unique insight into the rate at which white-tailed deer process visual images and how they perceive their environment. It appears that deer actually receive…

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Deer Can See You Even When They’re Eating

Aug 25, 2015 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Here’s a fun and cool experiment in deer biology: the next time you sit down to a meal, first look around for any potential threats, like predators or fire or your loudmouthed Uncle Floyd who…

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Can Deer See Blaze Orange?

Dec 5, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

It’s a question as old as blaze-orange vests and caps. Hunters worry that their required safety-orange apparel will give them away to the sharp eyes of deer. After much research into deer vision capabilities and…

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