doe hunting

This Spooky Old Doe was a Trophy Deer

Dec 17, 2023 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Even though I had the wind in my favor, she walked in asking to speak to the manager. Those ears were like radar dishes, the nose skeptical, the front leg lifted and ready to stomp….

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Which Doe Should You Take?

Sep 14, 2016 Kip Adams

The QDMA promotes harvesting an adequate number of does to keep deer populations in balance with available resources like forage and cover. This leads to a discussion of how many does to shoot, since “adequate”…

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Hunt Does to Find Bucks in November

Oct 30, 2012 Matt Pudenz

When November arrives, everyone is on the lookout for that big buck. However, it’s easy to overlook the main factor controlling buck movements in November – does. As the rut kicks in, bucks will be…

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