early successional habitat

The 3 Biggest Obstacles to Creating Young Forest Cover

Mar 27, 2017 Tim Russell

Young forest is an important cover type for whitetails. The dense thickets of shrubs, weeds, vines, seedlings and saplings in a young forest provide ample food and cover. For some, creating these conditions could be…

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8 Winter Projects for Better Fall Deer Hunting

Jan 25, 2017 Craig Harper

Unless you hunt in portions of the Deep South, deer season is over. And for those who hunt in south Alabama and Mississippi, you have precious few days left. The end of the season can…

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Get Ready to Use Prescribed Fire

Oct 22, 2014 Craig Harper

A deer and habitat management program can gain considerable benefits from the use of prescribed fire. Here’s my advice on how to prepare for a burn. Before implementing any prescribed fire, it is critical to…

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Know Your Deer Plants: Pokeweed

Jul 31, 2013 Matt Ross

Pokeweed easily has over a dozen different common names, from pokeberry to poke salad to just plain poke. But no matter what it is called where you live, pokeweed is an extremely valuable soft mast…

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Don’t Fear the Reaper: Timber Harvest is Good for Deer

Jul 6, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

The reaper is coming to my family’s farm in Southeast Georgia, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a tree reaper, also known as a feller-buncher. It will be joined by skidders, loaders, log trucks and…

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Know Your Deer Plants: American Plum

Apr 30, 2012 Matt Ross

One of the most limiting factors I’ve noticed on undermanaged hunting properties is the lack of good escape and security cover. Another item frequently absent is an adequate proportion, variety and quality of soft mast….

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Know Your Deer Plants: Partridge Pea

Mar 20, 2012 Matt Ross

A member of the pea family, partridge pea is best known as a producer of valuable cover and food for upland game birds, waterfowl, and various small mammals. However, it also happens to be found…

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Know Your Native Deer Foods

Mar 9, 2012 Kip Adams

Food studies have identified several hundred plant species that deer will consume during the course of a year.  Some are used seasonally, some only when little else is available, and some are preferred regardless of…

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