edge feathering

How to Feather Field Edges for Deer Attraction and Habitat Improvement

Mar 27, 2024 Cheyne Matzenbacher

This article is about feathering edges to improve deer habitat, not feathering hair. I remember the feathered hairstyle fad back in the 80s, but I don’t think feathered edges are a fad because this is…

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Give Yourself the Edge

May 7, 2018 Tim Russell

A lot of attention is being given to “young forest” in the QDM world lately. The volume of quality natural forage that is available to deer and other wildlife in a recently regenerated forest makes…

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For Strategic Cover, Build a Cedar Wall

Feb 15, 2017 Briscoe White

When my wife and I suddenly found ourselves managing her family farm, we learned we also inherited a deer population of epic proportions. Huge herds of deer ran through fields and marshes, eating everything in…

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