fawn survival

How Often Do Whitetails Give Birth to Triplet and Quadruplet Fawns, or More?

May 8, 2024 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

A whitetail doe can give birth to one, two or three fawns each year, and that’s the limit for almost all of them. A very rare doe will bear quadruplet fawns. And rarest among the…

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Some Whitetail Does Are Super Fawn Recruiters. Here’s What That Means for Deer Harvest.

Mar 13, 2024 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Would you be surprised to learn not every doe raises a fawn each year? Zero is an option, even when fawn predators are not a factor. For some does to skip years, though, there must…

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Don’t Move That Fawn

May 4, 2022 Ben Westfall

It seems like every spring I see a post on social media by someone with a fawn they “rescued” because they found it lying alone in the grass, seemingly frightened. I politely inform them that…

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Deer Instincts Can Trigger Weird Behaviors, Like This Doe Eating a Dead Fawn

Jun 29, 2021 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

A lot of deer behavior is pre-programmed, not learned. The way they react to certain stimuli is instinctual as a result of millions of years of testing, with death serving as an effective cancellation of…

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The Science of Fawn Survival: Leave It Where You Found It

May 7, 2021 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

So, you found an abandoned fawn and you’re wondering what to do with it. You may have even rescued it, and now that you brought it home you are wondering who to call. Is there…

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Born With One Hoof in the Grave? Fawns Die Even Without Predators

Apr 24, 2019 Justin Dion, Jacob Haus, Joe Rogerson and Jacob Bowman

Predators are one of the most widely discussed topics of deer hunting in the past few years, particularly in regards to population management and fawn survival. If you were to ask any hunter what factor…

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At What Age Can a Fawn Survive Without Its Doe?

Nov 14, 2016 Kip Adams

I am often asked if it’s okay to harvest a doe that is traveling with fawns. Let’s look at some facts about fawn weaning and survival to answer this question. Harvesting antlerless deer is sometimes necessary…

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Can Ticks Kill Fawns?

Jun 9, 2015 Anthony Harris

A Missouri fawn photographed on June 1 by Sam Leatherman is a reminder of the impacts parasites can have on deer. The fawn can only be a few days old, yet its eyes and ears…

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The Magic & Myths of Fawns

May 19, 2015 Sam Leatherman

I always look forward to seeing the first newborn fawn of the year. Without fail, social media will begin to fill with pictures of these beautiful, wobbly-legged creatures, and understandably so. Very few things in…

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Who Controls Your Fawn Supply?

Apr 13, 2015 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

In the classic Clint Eastwood movie Pale Rider, prospectors fall on hard times when an evil industrialist chokes the flow of creekwater that allows them to pan for gold. Luckily, the “Preacher” is handy with…

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