herd monitoring

When Doe Fawns Breed, It’s a Good Sign

Dec 8, 2015 Kip Adams

Some doe fawns breed and conceive in their first fall, at around six to eight months of age. The percentage that do this is determined by nutrition – they attain sexual maturity if they reach…

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How Do State Wildlife Agencies Estimate Deer Harvest?

Mar 16, 2015 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Every year we compile deer harvest estimates by state in our Deer Report and release them to the hunting public, and every year we receive multiple responses that go something like this: “Those numbers can’t be…

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Have We Killed Too Many Does?

Mar 9, 2015 Matt Ross

With all the recent hubbub in the general outdoor media about deer harvests being down, as well as within the pages of the newly released 2015 QDMA Whitetail Report, I’m confident there are literally thousands…

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Know the Signs of HD: Hemorrhagic Disease

Jul 2, 2012 Kip Adams

During the summer of 2011, regional outbreaks of hemorrhagic disease (HD) in white-tailed deer stole the headlines throughout portions of the Unites States. This – occurring just four years after the HD epidemic in 2007,…

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Detecting the Rut Peak

Mar 2, 2012 Kip Adams

Fetal aging sounds like a technique used by Ob/Gyn doctors and ultrasound technicians, but deer managers can learn a lot about the population they’re managing by taking some annual fetal measurements. Joe Hamilton, QDMA’s founder,…

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