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The Kip Adams Challenge: Achieve These 5 Goals for a Rewarding Deer Season

Oct 11, 2023 Kip Adams

Hunting season is upon us throughout the whitetail’s range. It’s a glorious time of year and one filled with excitement and opportunity. We enter deer-hunting season with different expectations and avidity levels, but regardless of where…

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Shut Your Venison Hole, You’re Spooking Deer

Feb 23, 2022 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

As hunters, we think and talk and worry a lot about deer predators, but new evidence suggests the predators deer fear most are – us.  They should. In the 2020 season, human hunters killed 6.3…

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You’re Managing Deer Sanctuaries All Wrong

Jan 19, 2022 Zack Vucurevich

This summer I was visiting a client, and we approached the northeast corner of his property. It was a gently sloping hillside comprised of mostly red cedar trees with invasive plants like bush honeysuckle and…

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How I Fooled 4 Mature Deer

Sep 15, 2021 Kip Adams

Deer hunting is fun. I have been thrilled by the chase since before I was old enough to legally hunt. Four decades ago, mature bucks were nonexistent on our Pennsylvania farm. Mature does were abundant,…

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Food Plot Screening Cover for Better Deer Hunting

Apr 28, 2021 Ryan Basinger

If hunters are willing, the easiest part of a deer management program is to produce mature bucks. It’s quite simple. If young bucks are not harvested, most will get older and provide hunters with an…

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What Scientists Learned that Changed How They Hunt Mature Bucks

Aug 26, 2020 Dr. Jacob Haus, Dr. Jacob Bowman and Joe Rogerson

As professional white-tailed deer biologists, we are constantly prodded by friends and family for some type of insider information that could help improve their odds of encountering mature deer. It is always a tough question…

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Stand Placement Tips for Mature Bucks

Jul 31, 2019 Dominic Corsini

Find stand sites that combine these six features, then get ready to call your taxidermist. What makes one stand better than another when it comes to harvesting mature bucks? Why do some stands seem to…

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The Power of the First Sit

Oct 10, 2017 Alex Comstock

It’s a tried and true piece of advice you hear from deer hunters throughout the country. Save your best spots until the best time of the year. Don’t go in and muck up an area….

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5 Red-Hot Rut Stands for Pressured Deer

Nov 17, 2016 Josh Honeycutt

Most of the places I hunt are either public land or small, heavily pressured pockets of private land. Mature bucks (3½ to 4½ years old and older) aren’t making many daylight appearances in these areas…

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Finding and Hunting Public Land Sanctuaries

Jul 20, 2016 Ryan Lisson

I would love to own a piece of ground to call my own someday. I think most of us would. But I grew up hunting on public land and have built many fond memories doing…

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