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Turn Oak Ecology Into Backstraps

Sep 9, 2020 Moriah Boggess

Identifying a white oak raining acorns in early bow season is a straightforward approach to putting backstraps on the grill, but this only works a couple short weeks of the year. Learn to play the…

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How to Find Next Season’s Buck in Last Season’s Trail-Cam Photos

Jan 29, 2020 Clint Campbell

Deer season has barely ended, and I’ve already begun planning for next season… by going back in time and reviewing last year’s trail-camera photos. Winter weather in my home state of Pennsylvania is often less…

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6 Ways I’ve Changed My Deer Hunting and Habitat Tactics

Dec 30, 2019 Kip Adams

I’ve been fortunate to be a wildlife biologist or researcher for the past 28 years, and a lot more than just the color of my hair and beard has changed during that time. During that…

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3 Keys to Late-Season Deer Hunting Success

Dec 18, 2019 Alex Comstock

It’s crunch time: the end of hunting season. You may be trying to beat the buzzer and shoot that big buck you’ve been after all year, or you might just be trying to put meat…

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How to Bottleneck a Buck During the Rut: 3 Maps

Oct 30, 2019 Jake Grages

You’ve likely heard advice about finding the does during the rut to find the bucks. Great advice, but let’s dig a little deeper into how you can put bucks in front of you during the…

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How to Access Your Deer Stand Undetected

Oct 30, 2018 Alex Foster

“Location, location, location” might be your motto when it comes to placing deer stands, and location is certainly important to your deer hunting success. In fact, I think many deer hunters focus so much on…

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Try Bow-Range Burning for Archery Attraction

Aug 8, 2018 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

What is “bow-range burning”? It’s part of a concept that is torching a lot of old rules about the use of prescribed fire and shaking things up in the world of deer habitat management. How…

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9 Ways to Conceal Movement While Hunting

Oct 31, 2017 Matt Ross

New research out of the University of Georgia Deer Lab is providing unique insight into the rate at which white-tailed deer process visual images and how they perceive their environment. It appears that deer actually receive…

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The Power of the First Sit

Oct 10, 2017 Alex Comstock

It’s a tried and true piece of advice you hear from deer hunters throughout the country. Save your best spots until the best time of the year. Don’t go in and muck up an area….

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To Beat a Buck’s Nose, Remember Thermals

Aug 11, 2014 Anthony Harris

Understanding the fine movements of wind at your stand location can give you an advantage over mature bucks, as I explained in my article on revealing the wind. A big part of this strategy involves…

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