lyme disease

Don’t Let Mosquitos and Ticks Ruin Your Hunting Season

Aug 22, 2016 Kip Adams

As deer hunters, we put ourselves at risk every time we hit the woods. I’m not referring to firearms or archery accidents as they are actually quite rare. We stand a much better chance of…

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Ticked Off: No More Venison

Mar 12, 2015 Josh Gamblin & James Kelly

On Thanksgiving Eve 2013, as I sat in the emergency room waiting area for the third time in less than a year laboring over each breath, I watched my forearms turn from pink to purple…

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Preventing Lyme Disease

Aug 12, 2013 Bruce Ingram

Two kinds of venomous snakes dwell in the mountains and valleys of Southwest Virginia where I live and hunt: the Northern copperhead and the much more dangerous timber rattler. I used to say that I…

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Burning Questions: Can Fire Reduce Tick Abundance?

Jul 25, 2013 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

I start itching as soon as I begin reviewing trail-camera images taken this summer in Georgia. Deer at a particular suburban Georgia site are seething with ticks. Look at the ears of the poor doe…

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