Some Piebald Deer Suffer Fatal Deformities

Mar 23, 2022 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Piebald deer are the result of a rare genetic trait that causes a mix of white hair patches among patches of the normal “brown” deer color. The genetic mutation causes these patches of skin to…

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A Look Inside Piebald Deer

Aug 24, 2017 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Missy Runyan, a wildlife rehabilitator in Hunter, New York, responded to a call about a fawn in distress on May 24 of this year and found an almost completely white, piebald fawn with severe birth…

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Rare Piebald White-tailed Deer Fawn

Jun 13, 2014 NDA Staff

On June 12, 2014, a doe at the University of Georgia Deer Research Facility in Athens, Georgia, gave birth to two fawns, and one of them was a rare piebald fawn. Piebald deer are usually born…

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