prescribed fire

Food Plots, Feed or Fire: The Real Costs Per Pound of Deer Forage

Jan 18, 2023 Dr. Marcus Lashley and Jordan Nanney

Prescribed fire is one of the most useful deer habitat management tools. In our experience, members of the National Deer Association are well-versed at this point in prescribed fire’s benefits. However, there are still some…

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Burn Outside the Box: Try Prescribed Fire at a New Time of Year

Feb 9, 2022 Luke Resop

What do wildfires and prescribed fires have in common? Not much. Most fires we hear about in the media consume thousands of acres of forest at a time, threaten communities, and take weeks or months…

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Prescribed Fire Basics: Learning to Burn Safely and Effectively With Wildlife Biologist Shan Cammack

Feb 2, 2022 NDA Staff

In this episode of the Deer Season 365 Podcast, we are talking with Georgia DNR biologist Shan Cammack about the basics of prescribed fire. We discuss how to prepare for a burn, what equipment and…

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Fresh Tips on Using Fire for Better Deer Habitat

Jan 12, 2022 Craig Harper

This is not the same old advice you’ve heard before about prescribed fire. These simple tips will increase your hunting and habitat management success. I continue to maintain that fire is the single best management…

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Small Scale, Bow-Range Burning for Better Deer Hunting With Dr. Disturbance

Jul 14, 2021 NDA Staff

In this week’s episode of the Deer Season 365 podcast, we are talking with Dr. Marcus Lashley of the University of Florida Deer Lab about how small scale fires — or bow-range burning as he…

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NDA’s Guide to Prescribed Fire

Feb 4, 2021 NDA Staff

Prescribed fire is a great way to set back plant succession and improve habitat on a hunting property. While many land managers once avoided fire due to safety concerns, improved techniques, training and information has…

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Fire Up Your Deer Hunting With a Prescribed Burn

Jan 15, 2020 Brian Grossman

  No other habitat management practice can positively impact as many acres in such a short period of time and for as little money as prescribed fire. Many state wildlife agencies have been taking advantage…

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Try Bow-Range Burning for Archery Attraction

Aug 8, 2018 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

What is “bow-range burning”? It’s part of a concept that is torching a lot of old rules about the use of prescribed fire and shaking things up in the world of deer habitat management. How…

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The Best Fire Frequency for Deer Habitat

Jan 2, 2018 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Prescribed fire improves deer habitat, and if it’s practical where you hunt, you should learn to burn. That’s a message we have harped on for years, and as more deer hunters have begun to use…

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4 Ways to Light a Prescribed Fire

Oct 22, 2014 Craig Harper

Prescribed fire is an excellent and cost-effective technique for setting back existing vegetation and stimulating fresh growth from the seedbank and from sprouting, which increases the quality and quantity of deer forage and cover. To…

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