rut timing

The Science of the Second Rut

Dec 8, 2021 Cheyne Matzenbacher

I hit the grunt call three times, and within minutes a nice mature buck jumped the fence and came in with his ears laid back in search of whatever buck just made that sound in…

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Cold Fronts May Get Hunters On Their Feet, But Bucks Answer a Different Call

Oct 6, 2021 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Don’t say it. Do not say it! Don’t say the cold front has got the bucks on their feet. You are going to say it, aren’t you? Seriously, listen to yourself this fall. You’re going…

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Will the Rut Be Early This Year?

Oct 23, 2018 Brian Grossman

Every year about this time, questions and concerns about the rut start popping up on social media. “Will the rut be early this year?” “Think this cold snap will get the deer rutting?” “I hope…

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