safety harness

Practice Your Treestand Safety Technique Before the Hunt

Sep 8, 2021 Gregory Clarke

Superlative! Such was the exclamation I shouted as I came down from yet another climb and sit with my hang-on treestand. Taking advantage of a slightly rainy Sunday that drove people from the local park,…

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Treestand Accidents: Can We Stop the Insanity?

Sep 18, 2019 Brian Grossman

Can we stop the insanity? Can we just get through one deer season without a family having to bury a loved one who fell from their deer stand? Yes, deer hunting is our passion, but…

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Living to Tell of a Treestand Fall: “It Happened in a Split Second”

Jul 25, 2018 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Clinging to his climbing stick with one hand, David Jennings reached up and shook his hang-on treestand to test the nylon ratchet strap securing it to the trunk. The stand had been hanging in the…

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