You’re Managing Deer Sanctuaries All Wrong

Jan 19, 2022 Zack Vucurevich

This summer I was visiting a client, and we approached the northeast corner of his property. It was a gently sloping hillside comprised of mostly red cedar trees with invasive plants like bush honeysuckle and…

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What Scientists Learned that Changed How They Hunt Mature Bucks

Aug 26, 2020 Dr. Jacob Haus, Dr. Jacob Bowman and Joe Rogerson

As professional white-tailed deer biologists, we are constantly prodded by friends and family for some type of insider information that could help improve their odds of encountering mature deer. It is always a tough question…

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Finding and Hunting Public Land Sanctuaries

Jul 20, 2016 Ryan Lisson

I would love to own a piece of ground to call my own someday. I think most of us would. But I grew up hunting on public land and have built many fond memories doing…

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Sanctuaries: Attract, Protect, Hold, Hunt

Jun 22, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

As the Quality Deer Management philosophy becomes further anchored as the dominant mindset among whitetail hunters, achieving greater numbers of mature bucks is not the hurdle it once was. Instead, there’s another hurdle: Killing them….

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To Kill Mature Bucks, Go Somewhere Else

Mar 16, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

  I had an interesting phone conversation with deer researcher Dr. Mark Conner while I was working on an article for Quality Whitetails. Mark, who works in Maryland, has led a number of recent groundbreaking studies…

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6 Shed-Hunting Tips

Mar 9, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

The National Deer Association interviewed several of our members who are avid shed antler hunters and collectors. The information, part of an article in NDA’s Quality Whitetails magazine, included these useful tips for locating sheds:…

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Finding Un-Pressured Deer

Mar 2, 2012 Kip Adams

Density, distribution and travel patterns are things we often seek to learn about deer, but researchers from Penn State University set out to learn the density, distribution and habitat use of deer hunters. They used…

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