A Guide to Rubs and Scrapes, the Social Media of the Deer World

Oct 19, 2022 Kip Adams

Whitetails don’t have cell phones or social media accounts, but they are far more social than most hunters realize. They surf the information highway at rubs and scrapes to stay in contact with locals as…

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The Why and How of Mock Scrapes

Oct 16, 2018 Dave Skinner

Virtually every hunter I know gets excited when they see a big, active scrape. There’s just something mysterious about them that intrigues us and gets our hearts pumping a little faster. We know when we…

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When Do Bucks Visit Scrapes?

Nov 1, 2012 Matt Ross

Have you ever set up on a fresh scrape, only to sit for hours and not see a thing? Well, wildlife researchers have shown that most scraping activity (nearly 85 percent) occurs at night. So,…

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Tarsal Glands: What We Know

Mar 21, 2012 Kip Adams

The tarsal gland, arguably the most important gland in deer communication, is found on bucks and does. Each hair is associated with an enlarged sebaceous or “fat” gland that secretes an oily material that coats…

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5 Tips for Photographing Mature Bucks

Mar 9, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

A number of trail-camera images in QDMA’s book, Deer Cameras: The Science of Scouting, belong to Todd Reabe of Brillion, Wisconsin. Todd is a QDMA member who, over many years, has shared numerous trail-camera photos…

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