shed hunting

Where, When and How to Find More Shed Antlers

Mar 6, 2019 Alex Foster

One of the more enjoyable late-winter activities for me is getting out with friends and family hiking in search of shed antlers. I wish I was fortunate enough to scour every square inch of the…

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Weird Ways to Find Shed Antlers

Feb 13, 2019 Mark Turner

With shed antler season already underway, many deer hunters are already working on their goal of finding a large number of sheds or locating the antlers from a particular deer. Since I’ve never been particularly…

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Why We Don’t Recommend Antler Traps

Jan 16, 2019 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

It’s the time of year when bucks are beginning to shed their antlers and hunters are beginning to grow impatient to go hunt those shed antlers. And every year as talk of shed hunting begins, we…

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6 Things You Can Learn From Shed Antlers (And 1 You Can’t)

Feb 21, 2018 Kip Adams

Deer season is over. Turkey season is on the horizon. That wonderful season between the two has arrived –– shed season! Social media is exploding with pictures of shed antlers, and Whitetail Properties’ annual Shed…

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Can You Estimate a Buck’s Age From His Shed Antler?

Mar 13, 2017 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Don’t you love that little thrill, that tiny psychological jolt you get when you first spot a shed antler? Especially a big one – but a very small one is exciting, too, simply because you…

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Find Next Season’s Buck Now

Feb 23, 2016 Brian Grossman

Few things are more depressing to a die-hard deer hunter than watching the sun set on the last day of deer season. Regardless of how good or bad the season was, you always wish for one more…

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6 Shed-Hunting Tips

Mar 9, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

The National Deer Association interviewed several of our members who are avid shed antler hunters and collectors. The information, part of an article in NDA’s Quality Whitetails magazine, included these useful tips for locating sheds:…

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