shot placement

Lessons Learned on a Blood Trail

Oct 23, 2019 John Lyszczyk

As I hoisted my bow up into the tree, I began reviewing my strategy for the evening’s hunt. A slight north wind was favorable for hunting a small funnel with tons of buck activity. My…

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Improved Shot Placement for Enhanced Hunting Success

Nov 7, 2018 Kip Adams

This simple shot placement technique will help you make more effective shots this season. It happens to every hunter at some point in his or her hunting career. They hit a deer with a marginal…

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After the Shot, Take These 5 Steps to Recover Deer Quickly

Oct 10, 2018 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

The button buck appeared first, as they usually do. A young doe, probably the sibling, emerged a little more cautiously. She was about the same size as the button buck and had the short neck,…

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White-tailed Deer Shot Placement [Video]

Sep 22, 2017 Hank Forester

White-tailed Deer Shot PlacementQDMA’s Kip Adams explains the safest and most effective place to shoot a white-tailed deer whether you are hunting with a bow or a firearm. Posted by The Quality Deer Management Association…

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Momentum Beats Speed for Lethal Arrow Hits

Jun 18, 2013 Bill Badgley

Lethal shots without wounding deer are every ethical hunter’s top priority, and shot placement and an understanding of anatomy are paramount. However, momentum should be the most important part of arrow selection if we want…

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How to Blood-Trail a Deer

Sep 21, 2012 Bob Westerfield

You have worked hard on your land all season long preparing food plots, hanging stands and clearing trails. Finally, the season has arrived and the moment of truth has just walked into your luscious food…

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