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Kip’s Korner: Start a QDM Cooperative

Jul 17, 2012 Kip Adams

Quality deer management (QDM) is about balancing the deer herd with the habitat, balancing the adult sex ratio, and balancing the age structure for bucks and does. Sometimes, this is easier said than done, especially…

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QDM: Frequently Asked Questions

Mar 14, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Why practice QDM? Do I have to wait for a “wallhanger” or a “trophy” before I can kill a buck? I hunted all season and did not see a buck that was legal under my…

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7 Steps to a Successful Cooperative

Mar 8, 2012 Donnie Wood

Gather a group of hunters who practice Quality Deer Management (QDM) and you’ll discover many similarities. All of us strive to harvest an appropriate number of antlerless deer when necessary and while not harvesting button bucks….

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How to Establish a QDM Cooperative

Jan 25, 2012 NDA Staff

“We would love to participate in a deer management program on our property, but those dirtbags across the fence shoot everything that moves. So, what’s the point?” Sound familiar? I’ve heard this countless times over…

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