soil preparation

Green Fields: 10 Ways to Grow Low-Impact Food Plots

Aug 28, 2018 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Questions about growing quality food plots are nothing new for NDA’s phone lines and e-mail in-boxes. But over time, new themes emerge among the questions, and for the last couple of years, one new theme…

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Boost Your Food Plots With a Simple Soil Test

Apr 12, 2017 Alex Foster

Preparing a quality food plot takes time, labor and money. If I am investing all of that, I want to ensure my food plot has the greatest chance of maximum production. Achieving this is as…

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Cultipackers for Food Plots

Mar 1, 2013 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

The basic equipment you must have to call yourself any kind of “food plotter” is a set of disk harrows, a machine that will pull it (whether an ATV or a tractor), and some type…

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5 Reasons Food Plots Fail

Jul 17, 2012 Brian Grossman

With more and more sportsmen and women making the transition from deer hunter to deer manager, the interest in planting food plots has never been higher. Unfortunately, many would-be deer managers simply buy a bag…

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