stand placement

How to Bottleneck a Buck During the Rut: 3 Maps

Oct 30, 2019 Jake Grages

You’ve likely heard advice about finding the does during the rut to find the bucks. Great advice, but let’s dig a little deeper into how you can put bucks in front of you during the…

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Stand Placement Tips for Mature Bucks

Jul 31, 2019 Dominic Corsini

Find stand sites that combine these six features, then get ready to call your taxidermist. What makes one stand better than another when it comes to harvesting mature bucks? Why do some stands seem to…

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The Power of the First Sit

Oct 10, 2017 Alex Comstock

It’s a tried and true piece of advice you hear from deer hunters throughout the country. Save your best spots until the best time of the year. Don’t go in and muck up an area….

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Three Double-Lung Treestand Setups

Aug 18, 2014 Jim Sollecito

Most bragging-sized bucks are harvested by hunters who fall into one of two categories: the very well prepared or the very lucky. Sometimes those paths intersect. The better you prepare, the luckier you get. That’s…

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7 Ways to Relocate Missing Bucks

Sep 5, 2012 Matt Pudenz

Velvet is dropping, bachelor groups are breaking up, and those easy-to-find summer bucks are changing patterns and will soon “disappear” as they spread out into the far corners of their home ranges. It’s time to use…

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Sex Among the Persimmons

Mar 28, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

If you think this is about people having sex in the woods, I’m sorry to disappoint. It’s about persimmon trees having sex in the woods. Far less interesting, I know, at least until hunting season…

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To Kill Mature Bucks, Go Somewhere Else

Mar 16, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

  I had an interesting phone conversation with deer researcher Dr. Mark Conner while I was working on an article for Quality Whitetails. Mark, who works in Maryland, has led a number of recent groundbreaking studies…

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