summer food plots

3 Easy Options for Summer Deer Nutrition and Food Plots

Mar 15, 2023 Ben Westfall

“What should I plant in my food plot?” This is the most common question I receive from deer hunters. Fortunately, my experience as a land manager has prepared me to answer this question. I also…

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Summer Food Plots: What to Plant, How to Plant One, and Why You Should

Mar 30, 2022 NDA Staff

On this week’s episode of the Deer Season 365 Podcast, we are talking with Ryan Basinger of Westervelt Wildlife Services about summer food plots. Ryan covers why summer food plots are important, what you should…

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Planting American Jointvetch for Deer

Mar 16, 2022 Mark Turner

Don’t overlook this browse-tolerant, easy-to-plant summer forage just because its name isn’t “soybeans.” Annual warm-season food plots are commonly recommended to address nutritional limitations when bucks are growing antlers and does are lactating. Warm-season plantings…

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