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Which Deer Visit Feeders and When? New Research is Out

Sep 11, 2019 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

When Georgia first legalized hunting deer over bait in the southern half of the state in 2011, my dad felt compelled to install corn feeders on our family farm simply to compete with the expected…

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Get Bucks on Camera, No Bait Required

Aug 28, 2019 Wes Delks

I recently moved to Illinois where feeding or baiting deer is illegal at all times of the year, and getting pictures of bucks suddenly became much more difficult. For me, trail-camera pictures control future hunting…

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The Why and How of Mock Scrapes

Oct 16, 2018 Dave Skinner

Virtually every hunter I know gets excited when they see a big, active scrape. There’s just something mysterious about them that intrigues us and gets our hearts pumping a little faster. We know when we…

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When is Peak Rut? Your Trail-Cameras Can Tell You.

Nov 15, 2017 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

When you harvest a doe late in a hunting season, you can measure any fetuses the doe is carrying using a special scale and determine when they were conceived. With enough fetal measurements, you can…

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5 Steps to Better Public Land Deer Hunting

Sep 26, 2017 Brian Grossman

Let’s face it. Not all of us have access to high-quality, low-pressure, private hunting land. In fact, for many of us — myself included — it is public land where we spend the majority of…

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The Most Important Buck to Pass is the Easiest to Age

Aug 31, 2017 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Aging bucks on the hoof is not simple or foolproof, but I’ve got great news for you. The most important age to protect is the easiest to spot. Aging on the hoof really means determining…

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This Trail-Camera Code May Help You Track Bucks

Nov 3, 2016 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

If you love to run trail-cameras over scrapes to inventory unique bucks where you hunt, then you’ve experienced the love/hate relationship of sorting and tracking the hundreds or thousands of photos that can quickly fill…

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Find Next Season’s Buck Now

Feb 23, 2016 Brian Grossman

Few things are more depressing to a die-hard deer hunter than watching the sun set on the last day of deer season. Regardless of how good or bad the season was, you always wish for one more…

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What is Wrong With This Strange Buck?

Sep 30, 2015 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

We’ve received photos of some extremely weird deer at QDMA, but the ones I got this week from my friend Ryan Basinger in Alabama deserve a place in the Hall of Strange. Here was a…

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7 Ways to Relocate Missing Bucks

Sep 5, 2012 Matt Pudenz

Velvet is dropping, bachelor groups are breaking up, and those easy-to-find summer bucks are changing patterns and will soon “disappear” as they spread out into the far corners of their home ranges. It’s time to use…

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