Action Alert: Oppose Anti-Hunting Legislation in Connecticut

Jan 24, 2023 Amber Kornak

Connecticut House Bill 5138 (HB 5138)¬†would authorize municipalities to prohibit the hunting and trapping of animals. Currently, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is charged with establishing open and closed hunting and…

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Coyote Control: When Is It The Right Option?

May 7, 2014 Dr. Will Gulsby and Dr. Karl V. Miller

On a crisp, clear November night at deer camp, the conversation around the campfire subsides for a moment as you add another log to the fire. Just as you ease back into your camp chair,…

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Top 5 Rookie Trapping Mistakes

Apr 18, 2012 Todd Menke

Scientific research confirms that effective trapping prior to the annual fawn-drop can, in some instances, improve fawn survival rates depressed by predators. For deer hunters in many areas, trapping has become a vital addition to…

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