PFAS Pollution Causes Venison Consumption Advisories in Four States

Jan 18, 2023 Matt Ross

One of the primary reasons we hunt is for the meat. So, what would you do if you knew you couldn’t consume the venison from a successful harvest? What would happen to the public support…

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The Importance of Venison Donation With Josh Wilson and Peter Churchbourne

Jan 4, 2023 NDA Staff

Did you know that 38.3 million Americans suffer from critical hunger every day, or that one in six children lack the daily nutrition necessary for healthy growth? Imagine a situation where you were forced to…

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Venison Backstrap Grilling Tips from a Professional Chef

Nov 29, 2022 Evan Barrett

Evan Barrett of Michigan is a new hunter who killed his first deer at an NDA Field to Fork hunt in 2021. He’s also a professional chef and sommelier. He shared a photo of the…

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