The North American Grasslands Conservation Act – The Time is Now

March 22, 2022 By: NDA Staff

Since 2007, more than 50 million acres of grasslands have vanished. To reverse the precipitous decline of these iconic landscapes and the big game species that rely on them, the National Deer Association (NDA) has coordinated a coalition effort to produce a video (seen above) detailing the importance of grassland and sagebrush ecosystems to deer and other big game species and highlighting the threats these landscapes are facing.

The new educational video is part of the largest grasslands legislative effort in history, led by a coalition of the nation’s leading conservation organizations: The North American Grasslands Conservation Act.

To view the video and take action, visit:

“We’re incredibly proud and humbled to have coordinated the effort among the nation’s top conservation partners to produce a video highlighting the importance of grassland ecosystems to all deer species,” said Torin Miller, NDA’s Director of Policy. “Groups representing all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts and conservationists showed up to support this project – a true testament to the importance of the Grasslands Act and the benefits it provides.”

Undoubtedly, deer species across North America rely on healthy, intact grassland ecosystems. NDA exists to ensure the future of wild deer, wildlife habitat and hunting, and we couldn’t achieve any of the three without grasslands and sagebrush and the benefits they offer. Deer hunters know these landscapes offer incredibly productive deer habitat, producing huge volumes of outstanding forage and the cover necessary to evade predators and raise fawns.

Modeled after the highly effective North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA), this new concept would direct $350 million in funding to restore and conserve what remains of the most threatened ecosystem on the planet – the shrublands, sage steppe, savannahs, tallgrass prairies, and shortgrass prairies – while working with private landowners, whose farms and ranches are key to the success of North America’s grassland biome.

The North American Grasslands Conservation Act, led and championed by Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, should soon be introduced in the United States Senate. If you love grasslands, sagebrush, and the deer and other wildlife that live in these ecosystems, please support this historic conservation effort. Learn more, watch the video and engage at