Two More Hunters Reach Deer Steward Level 3, NDA’s Highest Achievement

April 19, 2023 By: NDA Staff
deer steward

Brian Ruesch of Wisconsin (pictured above) and Erik Schnelle of Michigan recently achieved Deer Steward Level 3 recognition, the most prestigious accreditation in NDA’s Deer Steward program. While Level 1 and 2 are courses that can be completed with a passing grade, Level 3 is achievable only through an individual’s long-term service to the National Deer Association, the wild deer resource and deer conservation. Brian and Erik become the 66th and 67th Level 3 Deer Stewards.

“With their Deer Steward 3 distinction, Brian and Erik join a select group of some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable deer enthusiasts in the country,” said Ben Westfall, NDA’s Conservation Coordinator. “We are thrilled to honor them for their ongoing dedication to wildlife management and conservation.” 

Brian Ruesch graduated Deer Steward Level 1 in 2014 and Level 2 in 2018. He is also a member of the Brothers-Hamilton Society, NDA’s highest recognition of financial donors. Brian was one of the earliest members of the organization. In 1994, Brian founded the Central Wisconsin Branch, the very first in the state of Wisconsin and one of the first in the nation to hold a banquet with its proceeds directly going to national deer and deer hunting related issues and has served as the Branch president ever since. 

NDA member Erik Schnelle of Michigan.

Erik Schnelle graduated Deer Steward Level 1 in 2012 and Level 2 in 2016. He’s a Life Member of NDA, President of the Michigan State Advisory Council of NDA since 2015, and an officer in the West Central Michigan Branch of NDA since 2013. In 2020, he earned NDA’s Volunteer of the Year Award. He’s active in the Michigan Legislative Sportsman’s Caucus, he’s served as a mentor to new hunters, and he’s hosted educational events at his hunting land.

To start your Deer Steward journey, sign up for the Level 1 course now.

Below is the complete list of NDA members who have achieved Deer Steward Level 3 by year completed.

Level 3 Deer Stewards

2023Brian Ruesch, Wisconsin
Erik Schnelle, Michigan
2022Robert Krebs, Missouri
2021Jerry Tibbott, Pennsylvania
Rick Dahl, Missouri
2020Gregory Burnette, West Virginia
James Lanier, Wisconsin
Ron Concoby, Florida
Steve Homyack, Maryland
2018Ben Williams, New York
Bill Mitchell, Louisiana
Jake Ehlinger, Michigan
Kasey Thren, Michigan
Mike Flohr, Michigan
2017Michael A. Johnson, North Carolina
Dana Rogers, South Dakota
Scott Bauman, Missouri
Russel Reinagel, Missouri
Duane Schwent, Missouri
Bob DuCharme, Michigan
2016Michael Goyne, Michigan
Nathan Hudson, Delaware
David Matthews, Vermont
Morgan “Chip” Vosburg, Louisiana
2015Tim Donges, Kansas
Randall Gilbert, Illinois
Gary Liebsch, Iowa
Mark Lovell, Georgia
Sean McKay, Louisiana
H.R. Carver, North Carolina
2014Jerry Brown, Alabama
John Drummond, Florida
Jamie Floyd, New Brunswick
Philip Hester, Alabama
Johnny Moman, Alabama
Chip West, Delaware
2013Darren Boudreaux, Louisiana
Jon Felton, Pennsylvania
John Gibbs, Missouri
2012Jody Garrett, New York
Bryant Kroutch, Kansas
Allen Morris, Missouri
Jim Thompson, Tennessee
Alan Bruno, Ontario
2011Dennis Grimm, Pennsylvania
David Bastow, Pennsylvania
Glen Daves, South Carolina
Edward Gaw, Florida
Steven Summerer, New Jersey
2010Randall Bowden, Georgia
Charles Fiscella, Kentucky
Kevin Haight, New York
Erich Long, Ohio
Dennis Solon, Ohio
Charles W. Williams Sr., Georgia
2009Alan Brock, South Carolina
Arthur Dick, North Carolina
Judge Holdford, North Carolina
Gene Horner, Mississippi
Mike Kellar, Georgia
John Knevel, Michigan
Stu Lewis, South Carolina
Chip Sorber, Pennsylvania
John Sorber, Pennsylvania
Vincent Vena, Pennsylvania
Rick Webster, Mississippi
Lanny Woolfolk, Virginia