Video: How to Debone Venison Shoulders and Hindquarters

Dr. Karl V. Miller and his wife Renee know their way around a whitetail about as well as any two people in North America, especially when it comes to preparing venison for the table. Karl, a professor of deer management at the University of Georgia and head of the UGA Deer Lab, has studied, hunted, and processed whitetails for the freezer for more than 40 years, and Renee is the author of the Taste of Quality venison recipe column in every issue of Quality Whitetails magazine, one of the longest running features in the publication with almost 20 years of history.

At QDMA’s 2019 Whitetail Weekend, Karl and Renee literally showed attendees how to take a deer from field all the way to table. Karl demonstrated field-dressing and butchering techniques while Renee covered cooking techniques and recipes. Attendees sampled several recipes right off a hot grill at the event.

Karl covered every step of venison processing, from field-dressing to freezer preparation. He spent extra time covering some of the more detailed steps and answering questions from attendees. He covered the deboning process in depth, especially for some of the more complicated portions like the shoulders and hindquarters. QDMA filmed this part of the presentation, and those segments are now available as separate videos, seen here.

Karl gets the opportunity to teach field-dressing and venison processing to many of his wildlife management students each year. Meanwhile, Renee experiments in the kitchen with new recipes and tries them out on Karl and their sons. Recipes that pass the Miller family test are then shared with QDMA members. If you’d like to learn Renee’s recipes, please join QDMA today and start receiving Quality Whitetails at home. Your support of QDMA and our non-profit mission to protect deer and deer hunting is greatly appreciated!